Article Submission

  1. Articles are solicited by members of the Editorial Board or may be submitted by readers or interested parties. All articles should be emailed to Articles@Neonate.biz in a Microsoft Word or ASCII file for the textual material and separate files (tif, eps, jpg, gif, or pdf) for each figure. In general, solicited articles and acceptable articles submitted by a reader or interested party will be published within 3 months of submission.
  2. Title page should contain a brief title (less than 10 words) and full names of all authors, their professional degrees, and their institutional affiliations. The principal author should be identified as the first author. Contact information for the principal author including phone number, fax number, email address, and mailing address should be included.
  3. A brief biographical sketch (very short paragraph) of the principal author including current position and academic titles as well as fellowship status in professional societies should be included. A picture of the principal author should be submitted if available.
  4. No abstract should be submitted.
  5. The main text of the article should be written in informal style using correct English. The length may be up to 3,500 words. Abbreviations which are commonplace in neonatology or in the lay literature may be used.
  6. References are not required, however up to five references may be included using standard format.
  7. Figures should be submitted separately as individual separate electronic files. Numbered figure captions should be included in the main Word file after the references. Captions should be brief.
  8. Only articles that have not been published previously will be considered for publication. Published articles become the property of the Neonatology Today and may not be published, copied or reproduced elsewhere without permission from Neonatology Today.